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Certified Home Inspector Airdrie

Red Brick
Home Inspections Inc.

403 801 9316
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You've found the best choice for your Home Inspection

"Building trust with Integrity"

Red Brick Home Inspections offers competitive pricing and proudly serves Airdrie, Calgary, Cochrane, Okotoks to Olds, Canmore to Strathmore.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured in the Province of Alberta  

Alberta Business License #354485
Alberta Home Inspector License #353690

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Meet your Certified Home Inspector

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Certified Home Inspector Airdrie
My name is Jonathan Hambrook and I am an InterNACHI® Certified Home Inspector located in Airdrie.
It would be my pleasure to inspect your home.
For a quote or to book your personal home inspection contact me @
403 801 9316 (call or text).

By choosing me to inspect your new home, I guarantee that I treat every home as if I was inspecting it for my own family. My attention to detail that I apply when inspecting homes is exceptional and comes from my professional experience of over 25 years in Engineering along with my love of home maintenance, an understanding of a homes systems and my own DIY projects.

A thorough home inspection depends heavily on the attention to detail of the individual, the inspector’s own efforts, along with having the right equipment, tools and instruments. 

I will provide you with a well documented detailed report, which will include a summary of the significant findings indicating safety or financial concerns, clearly detailed photos, diagrams and written recommendations of the major components that make up the home and it's systems to make your decisions easier.

I look forward to the opportunity of providing you with the service and attention you deserve.

A purchase of a home is one of the largest investments people make in their lifetime.
One of the benefits of a home inspection is the peace of mind it can provide, for more 
information see the FAQ's page.

InterNACHI® is so certain of the integrity of it's members that they back them up with the Honour Guarantee.

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At your inspection, I will examine all structures and major systems of the home.

This will identify important factors for you to consider as you make your home ownership decision. I will always be happy to answer all of your questions and clarify any concerns you may have before, during, and after the inspection.

Being a Certified Professional Inspector, I adhere to all of the InterNACHI® Standards of Practice and abide by their strict Code of Ethics.

Home Inspection of drainage piping.
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What We Offer

"You'll be glad you called me first"

Pre-purchase Home Inspections

As your InterNACHI® Certified Home Inspector. I will advise you of observed defects and potential problems with the home you are interested in purchasing, like a much-needed roof replacement, repair, or an HVAC system that is in need of attention. Spending money ahead of time for a professional home inspection is reassurance on your future investment.

New Build Home Check Over

Want to know your new built home is in tip-top condition as it should be?
As an InterNACHI® Certified Home Inspector I recommend a pre completion home inspection. Know what repairs to have completed to your new home before you sign off on the builder's final paperwork and be comfortable knowing there's no issues to deal with by yourself.

Annual Home Check up

Want to keep your home in tip-top condition?
As an InterNACHI® Certified Home Inspector I recommend an annual home maintenance inspection. Get to know what maintenance and repairs to budget for in the coming year to keep your home comfortable and operating systems reliable.
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Sewer Scoping Inspections

The most expensive component to repair that is often overlooked at a regular home inspection is the Lateral Sewer Line. This is the underground plumbing component that connects the main waste drain piping from the home to the main sewer pipe running underneath the street. It is the homeowners financial responsibility if repairs are required, which can be very expensive, costing thousands of dollars.

11th Month Warranty Home Check up

Have your newly built home fully checked over so the builder remedy any issues before the builders warranty period is up.
As an InterNACHI® Certified Home Inspector I recommend an 11th Month Inspection to have documented any issues or repairs needed.
This would simplify your process in dealing with the builder on understanding issues with detailed documented information easy to present.

I use the latest technology at every inspection, this enables me to deliver my clients the best possible home inspection, ensuring that I am giving you peace of mind and extra value within the inspection process.


Pre-listing Home Inspections

If you are thinking of selling your much loved home, often there are issues that are overlooked or go unseen that you live with on a daily basis.
As an InterNACHI® Certified Home Inspector. I can give your home a professional inspection so when it comes time to sell there are no surprises, for a smooth onward transaction.

Condominium Inspections

Whether it's a personal or investment property, get to know your Condo's condition before purchase.
As an InterNACHI® Certified Condo Inspector I will complete a Home Inspection which includes a customised and tailored report for condominiums.

4-Point Inspections

Don't have the time or feel you need a full home inspection?
Your 4-Point Home Inspection will give you information on the the Main Electrical, HVAC, Hot Water Tank and Roofing.
As an 
InterNACHI® Certified Home Inspector I can also offer walk through consultations.
Contact us for more details.

Red Brick Home Inspections offers Home Inspection services in Airdrie, Calgary and surrounding areas. This includes apartments, townhomes, as well as vacation and seasonal homes.
Fortunately homes come in all configurations to suit our needs, contact me for a competitive quote.

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Red Brick
Home Inspections

Jonathan Hambrook
Certified Home Inspector

Certified Home Inspection Airdrie

What Are The Benefits Of A Professional Home Inspection?

As your Home Inspector I will advise you of potential problems like a much-needed window replacement or an out-of-date maintenance of expensive systems like the HVAC system.

Investing money ahead of time for a professional home inspection provides a dividend of knowledge and insight into your home.

One of the benefits of a home inspection before you buy is having the in-depth knowledge about a home ahead of time.

  • Become aware of any major concerns in a home prior to closing.

  • Understanding the homes systems and life expectancies for budgeting future home maintenance.

  • Addressing any unforeseen issues prior to moving in to your new home.

  • Knowledge to keep your home reliable and enjoyable.

My Inspection Reports

After the Home Inspection and your personal onsite review of any findings, you will receive your detailed electronic report within 24 hours.

I offer a detailed, yet easy to read and understand home inspection report complete with clearly labeled photos, along with recommendations to assist you in your decision making, for more details see the Your Inspection Report page.

How does it work

How do I maintain it

How to save energy

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Inside my downloadable booklet, I provide you with valuable tips that can help streamline your real estate transaction, making it go quicker and smoother with the help of your InterNACHI® Certified Professional Inspector. 

Contact information:

Jonathan Hambrook (CPI)

Phone: 403-801-9316 (Call or Text)





Pre sale Home Inspection Airdrie

Home Buyer



New Built Home


Annual Home Inspection Airdrie

Annual Inspections

Certified Home Inspector Airdrie
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Certified, Licensed, Bonded & Insured
Bonded, Insured, Licensed and an InterNACHI® Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) right here in Beautiful Airdrie,Alberta.

As a trained and certified member of InterNACHI® (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors), I am required to stay up to date with the industry’s most rigorous Continuing Education.

I adhere to a comprehensive Standards of Practice to ensure that you receive a detailed and accurate home inspection.


I abide by a strict Code of Ethics, which puts my clients first and protects their rights as consumers.


I use state-of-the-art inspection tools and reporting software so that my clients can make informed decisions about the

homes they want to buy or sell.


Throughout the home inspection a variety of  tools are used to inspect the home and the components in the home, I use the latest technology and tooling in all my home inspections.

Home Inspection Airdire

My standard home inspection is an evaluation of the visible and accessible interior and exterior structure, systems and components.

My job isn’t finished until you understand everything in your report.

Home Inspection of fireplace.
This shows the home inspector inspecting the temperature/pressure safety relief valve on a hot water system.
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InterNACHI® Certified

Certified Home Inspection Airdrie
First Time Buyer Home Inspection Airdrie
Certified Home Inspection Airdrie
Pet Friendly Home Inspection Airdrie
Certified Home Inspection Airdrie
Certified Home Inspection Airdrie
Certified Home Inspection Airdrie
Certified Home Inspection Airdrie
Certified Home Inspection Airdrie
Certified Home Inspection Airdrie
Certified Home Inspection Airdrie
Certified Home Inspection Airdrie
Certified Home Inspection Airdrie
Certified Home Inspection Airdrie
Certified Home Inspection Airdrie
Annual Home Inspection Airdrie
Thermal Image Home Inspections Airdrie
Green Home Inspections Airdrie
Certified Home Inspector Airdrie

Certifications acquired through Home Inspector training with InterNACHI®

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For a competitive quote and to book your personal Home Inspection 
Call or Text  403 801 9316

Complete the form below

Please be sure to include the approximate size, age and location of the home, as well as any other questions you may have.

Thank you for your enquiry, your quote will be emailed shortly.

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Head Office:

Red Brick Home Inspections Inc.
Airdrie, Alberta
Phone: 403 801-9316

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Red Brick Home Inspections is proudly serving Airdrie, Calgary, Cochrane, Okotoks to Olds, Canmore to Strathmore.

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