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Red Brick Home Inspections

Certified Home Inspection Airdrie

The Home Inspection Process

I will begin your inspection with the exterior of the home, this will include the roof system and it's penetrations, gutters, downspouts and site drainage.
While inspecting the exterior of the property, visual inspection of fascia, wall coverings and trims, windows, doors, wall penetrations, decks/porches/patios, walkways, driveway, fencing, vegetation and retaining walls, using my knowledge to find any other defective condition of a system that may have an adverse affect on the home.
I will then move to inspect the inside of the home. This will include the plumbing systems, heating system, insulation and ventilation, basement or crawlspace looking for defects in the foundation, also checking the electrical system.
As I work my way through the home, I will inspect the wall and floor structures, interior finishes, stairs and hallways, finishing up in the attic.
This process takes approximately 2-4 hours.
After the onsite inspection comes the process of a detailed report. I will compile the information into a professional well-written report based on my findings. This report will include photos along with detailed information to submit to my client.
My job as an Inspector is not done until my client has a solid understanding of the home, it's systems and components conditions.

Certified home inspection
Home Inspection Airdire.jpg
Home Inspection of electrical outlets.

Choosing a Home Inspector

Most prospective home buyers looking to purchase a home will ask the realtor for a recommended home inspector. Be sure your realtor provides you with several choices, so that you can do your research, ask questions, and make the best possible choice in a home inspector.

I am available to answer any questions you may have and explain exactly what services I can offer you.

I take pride in being an independent home inspection company, providing professional, honest, and thorough home inspections.

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