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Sewer Scope Inspections

Here at Red Brick Home Inspections we strongly believe in a thorough and Professional Home Inspection, which is why we are proud to offer the Sewer Scope Inspection as an additional available service to your Home Inspection needs. The most expensive component to repair that is often overlooked at the Home Inspection is the Lateral Sewer Line which is the underground plumbing component that connects the main waste drain piping from the home to the main sewer pipe under the street. It is a homeowners financial responsibility if repairs are required, and it is often a very expensive repair costing thousands. Nobody ever wants that type of housewarming gift.

As a fully Licensed and Certified Home Inspector I want to put my knowledge and specialty equipment to work for you. The Sewer Scope is a non-invasive inspection using state of the art camera equipment and is completed at the end of the home inspection, which also gives you the convenience of having both services within the same appointment. Let us help give you extra peace of mind when you choose our Sewer Scoping service as an addition to your Home Inspection.

Lateral Sewer Line Scope Inspection

The sewer-line additional inspection is a non invasive camera inspection of the homes main waste pipe that runs underground and connects to the Municipality sewer. We enter the sewer lateral line at an accessible clean-out location using a remote self levelling camera that can access a distance of up to 125 feet.

Sewer Pipe Inspection.png

We highly recommend that not just older homes, but all homes have the sewer line inspected


Many different types of defects can be discovered during a Sewer Scope Inspection, which can include root intrusion, breaks in pipes, pipe misalignment and sagging or crushed pipework. One of the most common issues found is blockages from foreign objects such as diapers, wipes, construction waste as well as large build ups of grease which can result in issues such as sewer back ups. These defects can result in costly repairs to you the homeowner of thousands of dollars.

What about New Homes?

One of the most common defects found in a new homes Sewer Line is a sagging or incorrectly pitched pipe. This type of defect will not rear its head until a few years of living in the home. By then the builders warranty is up and the homeowner is left with a very costly repair.

Become aware of any problems only a sewer-line camera can see when you add a Sewer Scope Inspection to your Home Inspection services. 

Home Inspection sewer pipe inspection.
Certified Home Inspection Airdrie

This important part of your plumbing system is the main waste pipe that connects your house to your Municipality’s main sewage piping.

A regular home inspection does not include the sewer line because the equipment is specialist and many inspectors do not have the certification necessary to provide a professional sewer-line inspection.

At Red Brick Home Inspections we do, and could save you thousands in repair costs by catching any issues before they arise, we recommend a sewer line camera inspection on every home.

During the sewer line inspection we will be able to identify problems that only a sewer line camera can pick up.

Don’t be inconvenienced by not being able to bathe or use the toilet after you take possession of your new home. When scheduling your home inspection we can include the sewer-line inspection which will be done at the same appointment.

How does the Sewer Scope Inspection work?

The sewer-line inspection is a non invasive visual inspection using state of the art camera equipment. We enter the sewer lateral line at an accessible drain clean-out location using a Camera Scope and line that can reach a distance as far as 125 feet.

We inspect all the way to the city main pipe as long as the sewer line is not obstructed.

Observing the remote viewing screen we inspect the interior of the piping as we go in and down to the city main (tap) and back up and out, recording the entire process.

After the Inspection I will review the video and identify all materials used within the system as well as noting any problems observed.

I will then compile this information and all the findings into a customized section which will be included within your Home Inspection report.

Sewer scope inspection common defects

More information on Sewer Scoping coming soon.

A preview video of a Sewer Scope Inspection

When buying a new home don’t overlook the possibility of unknown plumbing problems that can cost you thousands in the future.
Repairing your main sewer lateral line can be extremely costly as well as very inconvenient .

Red Brick Home Inspections offers competitive pricing and serves Airdrie, Calgary, Cochrane, Canmore, Strathmore and more

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