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Red Brick Home Inspections

Certified Home Inspection Airdrie


Shown here are a few common defects found throughout various homes that have been inspected.
Each home and it's condition will vary, with defects found in new builds as well as older homes.

Home inspection of kitchen appliances

Incorrectly installed appliances, this dishwasher looks like the door is left ajar but was actually installed this way.

Attic home inspection of the vents

Incorrectly installed and fixed dryer ducting leaking warm, moist air into the attic.

Exterior home inspection of the deck

Incorrectly supported decking and stairway, which overtime could fail and collapse.


This picture shows detected moisture coming from a bathroom exhaust fan above.

New home builds have their share of defects also, the washer hook ups shown are missing the washing machine drain piping.

Home inspection of interior plumbing fixtures
Attic inspection included in the home inspection.

In the attic we can discover broken or split rafters and trusses.

Old and tired water heaters and furnaces are common issues found.

Home inspoection includes Water Heater combustion chamber.
Home isnpection of the the insulation

Insulation that is missing, sagging or has never been brought up to date.

Dirty or blocked dryer vents which are a fire hazard and require cleaning.

Home inspection of blocked dryer ducting.

 For a dedicated Home Inspection and detailed report contact us to book today.
It is one of the best ways to gain an understanding of your homes deficiencies.

Thermal Image Home Inspection Airdrie
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Certified Home Inspection Airdrie

Red Brick Home Inspections offers competitive pricing and serves Airdrie, Calgary, Cochrane, Canmore, Strathmore and more

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